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A long hike or bike ride on a warm Michigan spring day may seem like a long way off right now. However, plans are in the works to build a new trail line in mid-Michigan north of Lansing. Bids could go out as soon as next month to build a 42-mile trail on the site of an abandoned rail line from Owosso to Ionia. The project is part of a much larger plan that would create a sweeping 125-mile trail that would loop through parts of  five counties.

Outdoor winter fun not far away

Jan 13, 2014

The Great Lakes State celebrates our beautiful outdoors, and outdoor activities year-round.  Current State's Peter Whorf checked in late last week at Meridian Township’s Harris Nature Center to find out about upcoming events.

Lansing zoo plays role in saving endangered toad

Dec 16, 2013
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The Puerto Rican crested toad is endangered. At Lansing’s Potter Park Zoo, officials are involved in a project to help save the toad from extinction. The Puerto Rican crested toad is a native species of toad that cannot be found anywhere else.

Bee trends: Populations down, interest up?

Dec 10, 2013
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With the start of Michigan’s sometimes eternal-seeming winter, many of us may be taking refuge in seed catalogs or planning for next summer’s gardens. There's something else you might see in an increasing number of yards: hives of bees.

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After a year filled with controversy, Michigan will hold it’s first wolf hunt in nearly 40 years.

WATCH: NATURE - Parrot Confidential

Nov 12, 2013

8 pm Wed., Nov. 13 on WKAR TV | From the wilds of Costa Rica to the suburbs of our own country, NATURE explores the difficulties of raising parrots, why some breeders and owners become rescuers, and conservation efforts in the wild. 

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Former state representative Mark Meadows has been thinking about hiking the Appalachian Trail for decades. This summer, he did it … well, about half of its 2,200 miles.

Meadows started his south to north hike in Georgia in March, expecting warmer weather than the sub-freezing overnight lows he encountered during the first week. He stopped for the season after about 100 days, in Maryland, with his son by his side for part of the time. He hopes to complete the rest of the hike next year.

Neighbors in Action: Fenner Nature Center

Jun 19, 2013

This week, Neighbors In Action features Fenner Nature Center, which has been around for over 50 years.

Katie Woodhams, the center's program manager, and Nathan Martineau, a volunteer through Fenner's Youth Leadership Program, discuss the activities and resources Fenner offers the community. 

Prowling for owls in the dark Michigan woods

Feb 13, 2013
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Meridian Township’s Harris Nature Center offers a variety of winter evening tours, including walking tours, by snowshoe and by cross country skis.

WKAR’s Peter Whorf takes us on a recent Saturday night “Owl Prowl," where guided night tours through the Center's woods could lead to an owl-spotting.  

National Geographic photographer Steve Winter visited Michigan State University this week to talk about shooting pictures for the world's leading nature and photography magazine.

Among his stops was a photography class, where he showed some of his pictures and videos.

Large cats have become his passion. His most recent story was about tigers.

Steve Winter told WKAR's Scott Pohl that after 20 years, most of his National Geographic stories come from his own ideas. Lots of research and legwork has to be done before he can go into the field.