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WKAR Director of Education Robin Pizzo
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These are challenging times in Michigan for families with school-aged children at home and for educators.

WKAR is here for you, with trusted resources from PBS, PBS Kids, and WKAR Family.

I hope you'll follow this page for WKAR At-Home Learning updates, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and more.

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"Mrs. Pizzo"
Robin M. Pizzo, M.Ed.
Director of Education
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A: In a perfect world, I suggest living on the roof top and staring at the universe for a night or two. Or maybe even, painting your walls to depict galaxies, the world of dinosaurs and a land filled with robots and glitter.

A: Play involves executive functioning skills children need in order to navigate the world we live in and support learning new skills. Executive function includes organization, sustained attention, time management, emotion control, goal completion, problem solving, and negotiation skills just to name a few.

A: I would hope the answer would be, “I’m fine.” Yet, I know when this question is asked of me, oftentimes I’m not fine.

Guess what -- it is okay! Because not being fine in the moment does not mean you’re not strong and resilient. Need proof? Well, whether you’re a parent, a caregiver, a grandparent or an educator, navigating all that 2020 has thrown your way is clear evidence of your strength and resilience.

A: These concepts can be difficult to explain for adults let alone for children to understand. Yet they are principles that are extremely important to learn; the earlier, the better.  One suggestion is by learning about people who have exemplified these ideas and used them to help others. As Mr. Rogers and Daniel Tiger would say, “Look for the helpers.” 

A: This is a tough question, because as an educator I want to offer children the world. That’s probably why I love working at WKAR and MSU. Our very mission is to help families and children understand that the world is full of possibilities -- and so is every child. However, if I had to give just one piece of advice it would be to immerse children in background knowledge. This knowledge is also known as prior knowledge. 

From Mrs. Pizzo's Workshop

A: I love Ready Jet Go, too. And when Jet Propulsion sings, “nice to meet you, human race tell me more about this place,” I want to sing back, “tell me more about outer space.” 

From Mrs. Pizzo's Workshop

A: Yes! Our area libraries are working diligently to offer services -- while keeping everyone safe.

From Mrs. Pizzo's Workshop

Absolutely! You are your child’s best and most important advocate. The foundation of a great teacher-parent relationship is being able to express concerns and advocate for needed supports on both sides. Education can no longer afford to depend on teachers having the only voice concerning a child’s academic achievement.

From Mrs. Pizzo's Workshop

ReadyRosie is an educational resource that uses the power of mobile technology and video modeling to support you and your child in learning! As a partner of Ingham Great Start Collaborative, I was able to preview and test this great tool.

From Mrs. Pizzo's Workshop

wow, can I relate. First know that you are doing great. Do what you can and don't stress about the rest.